Bandages & Pads

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  • Quilted Quilts

    Fully machine washable and dryer safe. Quilted with bonded polyester fill and made with premium quality cotton broadcloth to assure a smooth and long lasting surface. White.

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  • Raplast Bandage Spray

    Keeps horses from chewing on wraps, blankets, etc. Repels by sight, smell and taste.

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  • Sealtex Latex Bandages

    The self-sealing race bandage. Will not stick to skin or hair and does not soak up water. Beige.

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  • Spider Wrap

    An excellent support bandage, standing wrap or knee bandage. With 12″-wide elastic. Easy to put on. To clean, just wash in cold water and allow to dry.

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  • Standing Bandage Set – 4 Velcro V-2

    Knit standing wraps, 6″ wide, with velcro. Excellent over pads. Set of 4.

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  • Trace Running Bandage with Velcro – 4 pkg

    Spandex running wraps with velcro. Set of 4. Excellent for workouts.

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  • Wool Leg Wraps

    Made of durable, high quality 28 oz. acrylic fleece. 32″ wide.

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