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  • Kool Lube

    One quick spray delivers instant cooling. Also provides lubrication and cleaning for blades; reduces friction, heat and blade wear.

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  • Oster (A5) Clipper

    Heavy duty single-speed professional clippers with detachable blade system. Lightweight for easy use, measures only 7″ long. Includes #10 blade set, blade guard, grease, blade oil, cleaning brush, extra brush, spring assembly and 12′ insulated cord. Double insulated unit meets OSHAand UL specifications. With cool running Power-Pro universal motor.

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  • Oster (A5) Clipper Blades

    Heavy duty clipper blades fit the traditional A-5 Clipper. Size 15 blade is a medium cut, size 10 is a general underbody medium cut and size 40 is a very close surgical cut.

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  • Oster 83/84 AU Blades (510)

    Consists of top blade 83AU and bottom blade 84AU. For EW510 and EW610. For Oster 510 Clipper.

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  • Oster Clipper Blade Wash

    Easily flushes away hair that accumulates on cutting blades. Removes factory-applied preservatives from new blades. Provides lubrication for clipper blades.

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  • Oster Stewart

    Lightweight and balanced standard model clipper. Plenty of power to clip horses, cattle and dogs. Baffled cooling fan keeps motor cool and handle comfortable for extended cutting time. Snap-outfilter screen for easy cleaning, recessed safety switch, storage case.

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