General Barn Gear

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  • Ames Pitch Fork 4 5

    Four or Five – tine manure fork, with a bent pattern. Forged oval tines, pointed, tempered. Tines are 12″ long and 8

    3/4″ wide, and the handle is 48″ long.

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  • Ames Ten Tine Pitch Fork

    Ten-tine manure/bedding fork, with tempered steel tines for years of service. Tines are 12″ long and 10 3/4″ wide. Handle measures 48″.

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  • Ankle Tub

    Tubs that stand up to rough handling. Premium quality hydrotherapy tubs molded from rugged polyethylene.

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  • Corner Plastic Tub

    This heavy wall large capacity corner container is what by all standards can be called a real smart choice. Multi-practical, it can be used as a corner feeder for horses, wash-up on construction sites and as a planter for flowers, vegetables and others. It’s easy to clean. Its one-piece construction makes an excellent stall feeder or waterer. Special offset front lip design helps keep feed inside. Fastens to corners with bolt or with double-end snaps, (not included). Two piece real brass eyelets. Made with FORTALLOY Rubber-polymer alloy to resist cold weather cracking.

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  • Custom Tarps Awnings

    Create custom tarps or awnings by choosing base color, trim color, attachment type and size options. Email, fax (337-234-2383) or call us (1-800-544-6773) with your design description.

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  • Extra Tall Stall Gate

    Extra tall, 4-foot-wide, steel stall gate. Heavy duty, 2″ x 4″ hot-dipped galvanized inside panel.

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  • Future Fork Wood Handle

    Made of molded, flexible plastic that’s many times more durable than a metal fork. Has 20 plastic tines, with the two outside tines molded together for added strength. Lightweight, 16″ wide.

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  • Jr. Feed Saver Lip

    Fits the Jr. Belmont Feed Tub. *Special Color (2-4 week delivery)

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  • KD Stall Rake

    This rake’s special tooth design and durability make it a regular work horse around the barn. Its lightweight construction makes it a must for the professional horseman. Comes with a varnished wood handle in assorted colors.

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