General Barn Gear

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  • Knee Tub

    Tubs that stand up to rough handling. Premium quality, hydrotherapy tubs molded from rugged polyethylene.

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  • Lil’ Giant Feed Scoop

    Molded of durable plastic that’s chemically-resistant and virtually breakproof.

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  • Manure Basket

    Large 2-bushel capacity. Superior quality provides years of service.This basket is manufactured to withstand tough handling.

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  • Muck Bucket

    Low, wide shaped design for easy cleanup. Polypropylene rope handles, measuring 9/16″ diameter, are reinforced with real brass grommets to add strength and balanced comfort grip. Ideal for collecting leaves or for other big clean-up jobs. Made of Fortelex material to resist abuse. Capacity markings in bushels engraved inside. Seventy-quart (2 bushels) capacity.

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  • Nylon Gate Latch

    A 10″ long nylon strap with heavy duty, cadmium snap – perfect to keep any gate closed.

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  • Oat Feed Scoop

    Safe and sanitary feed handling. Easy to clean. Available in multiple colors.

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  • Over The Fence Feeder

    Innovative and practical over-the-fence or on-the-wall feeder. Features multiadjustable, heavy duty galvanized L-shaped brackets. Adaptable to most stable feeding needs. Twenty-quart capacity with decorative medallion and etched horse head. Heavy duty design and construction befitting the Horse Master Series. Includes mounting hardware.

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  • Replacement Wheel Dump Cart

    A 26″ pneumatic wheel with 4″ hub, with grease fitting, 3/4″ axle, 5/16″ diameter spokes.

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  • Rubber Utility Tub

    Rubber Tubs, excellent for feeding.

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