General Barn Gear

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  • Rubbermaid Farm Tough Tank

    A true innovation in the market – different from the plastic or metal tanks. Made of solid structural foam. Resists dents, rust, corrosion, bacteria and algae. Measures 31 1/8″ wide x 52 7/16″ long x 25″ high.

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  • Short Stall Gate

    A 4-foot-wide steel stall gate. Heavy duty, 2″ x 4″ hot-dipped galvanized inside panel. 24″ high x 48″ wide.

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  • Stablemate Future Fork Plastic Head

    Unbreakable high-tensil strength polymer, “no rust” head. Wide 16″ head and extra long 52″ handle. Sixteen long tines, ultra-lightweight, strong and durable.

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  • Stall Gate Shin Protector

    Vinyl outside and foam inside, attaches with solid brass grommets and nylon rope lacing. Perfect for horses that bang their shins on the bottom of metal stall gates.

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  • Super Feed Saver Lip

    Fits the Super Belmont Feed Tub. *Special Color(2-4 week delivery)

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  • Superior Dump Cart

    Green. Silage, feed and dump cart made of high-strength polyethylene. Measures 31″ wide, with 26″ front wheels and swivel rear casters. Has 15 bushel/ 500 pound capacity. Acid-resistant, will not rust, easy to clean. Tub design prevents contents from being forced over the front or sides. Large pneumatic front wheel allows the cart to roll over obstacles and lessens the effort of feeding and transporting your load.

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  • Turbulator Jet Pipe

    Coiled 1″ galvanized tubing with jet holes. Perfect for the homemade turbulator. Just attach an outgoing Shop Vac on one end and stand in a freeze knee tub for great water action.

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  • Utility Bucket

    White Two-gallon white poly utility bucket for all your needs around the barn. Wire handle (3/16″) with plastic comfort grip. Excellent for mixing individual feed rations, vitamins and toting grooming supplies.

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  • Vinyl Shedrow Webbing

    Custom-made shedrow webbing measures 20″ top to bottom. Available in any length and in an assortment of colors. Perfect for any shed, keeps horses confined to shedrow if they get out of their stalls.

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