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  • Braidettes

    Small rubber bands for easy braiding.

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  • Colored Rubber Curry Combs

    Excellent for getting down to the skin to remove dead hair. Also a wonderful massage.

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  • Cowboy Krud Buster

    COWBOY MAGIC Krud Buster is a micro skin cleansing wash used before and after Veterinarian treatment. Krud Buster Micro Skin Cleanser can be used as a skin cleanser on Rain Rot, Scratches, Show Crud, Crusty Skin, Ring Worm, Girth Itch and other “Icky Skin” issues prior to Veterinarian treatment. Veterinarians may recommend the use of Krud Buster as a cleanser, to remove scabs prior to continued treatment of Scratches, by soaking until soft. COWBOY MAGIC Krud Buster should not be used on deep open wounds. The new COWBOY MAGIC black label products designates that the grooming formula is for Veterinary use only. Don’t forget to make room for COWBOY MAGIC Krud Buster in your Equine Aid Kit.

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  • Cowboy Magic Detangler

    Easy to use and will help neutralize static electricity in hair. Knots fall out tangle-free and the silk protein results in high shine. It also contains a UV protectant. Works on humans, too.

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  • Curved Plastic Sweat Scraper

    Lightweight curved plastic is efficient, yet gentle to the horse’s body.

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  • Face Brush

    Hand-sized face brush with soft natural horsehair bristles and wood back.

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  • Fiebings Satin Sheen

    Keeps manes and tails tangle free. Produces a healthy sheen and soft coat that repels dirt and dust. Non-toxic safe for use on sensitive horses. More effective yet less expensive than competing conditioners and detanglers.

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  • Finishing Brush

    The ideal imported body and finishing brush. Features an 8″ oval-shaped wood back with hand strap. Synthetic 1″ bristles with a contrasting border make this brush the showmanÍs choice.

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  • Folding Hoof Pick

    Nickel-plated folding hoof pick. Excellent to keep in your pocket.

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