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  • Grey English Brush

    These brushes are perfect for clipped or summer coats. Great for loosening trapped mud, dust and dirt, yet suitable for manes and tails. A softer blend of black Indian palmyra and bleached Mexican tampico create a distinctive salt and pepper appearance.

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  • Grooma Comb

    Revolutionary design allows its 22 teeth to rotate and wobble. Tangled manes comb out faster and easier.

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  • Grooma Loopa Shampoo Mitt

    Special design drives shampoo to the hair root for deep sudsing action. Patented design lets your fingers work as you clean and massage, driving shampoo to the hair root. For times when you canÍt shampoo, the Loopa is the best tool ever for removing mud and rubbing out sweat marks.

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  • Grooma Rake

    Incomparable on tougher long mane and tail jobs. Features comfort grip handle and rotating teeth.

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  • Groomit Rubber Grooming Glove

    Gets right down to the skin to eliminate loose hair.

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  • Hoof Dressing Brush

    Long bristles with wire body and wood handle.

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  • Hoof Pick Brush

    Easy-to-use, two-in-one tool.

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  • Laser Sheen

    The same popular high-tech formula as our concentrate, but requires no mixing. Convenient to apply anywhere, anytime. Gives that show-ring shine and keeps your horseÍs coat glossy, and mane and tail free of tangles for up to a full week.

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  • Mane and Tail Comb

    Untangles knotted manes and tails. Measures 9″. Polystyrene construction.

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