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  • Plastic Squeezie Sweat Scraper

    The curved rubber end is gentle on your horse’s body.

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  • Rectangle Bath Sponge

    Synthetic bath sponge, measures 7 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 2 1/2″.

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  • Round Tack Sponge

    Synthetic tack sponge, measures 4″ round x 2 1/2″ thick.

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  • Rub Rag Stable Rubber

    Highly absorbent woven cotton “rub rag.” From England.

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  • Scotch Comb

    Scotch-type, round tapered tooth comb. An old favorite with the stockmen. Large comfortable wooden handle; with interchangeable 6″ nickel plated blades. Comb blades available without the handles.

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  • ShowSheen Hair Polish

    North America’s number-one-selling hair polish. Has a unique formula which provides the serious horse owner with an unsurpassed multipurpose grooming aid. Its non-sticky formula keeps manes and tails tangle-free. It makes coats smooth and sleek, and accentuates body tone and definition. Showsheen repels dust, dirt and stains, and can cut grooming time in half.

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  • Slick N’ Easy

    Fiberglass grooming block is the easy, low-cost way to remove loose hair, dust and dirt. Easily a match for any shedding blade, leaves the horseÍs coat slicker, shinier and will shed out quickly. Perfect for the show, each Slick ‘N Easy horse grooming block will groom 10-12 horses.

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  • Spring Back Curry

    Black spring curry, excellent for removing old dead hair, leaving a beautiful healthy coat.

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  • Stiff Union Fiber Brush

    A natural blend of tough brown Indian Palmyra and softer white Mexican Tampico. These stiff dandy brushes are good for all seasons. They are excellent for removing caked on mud and dust from thick coats. Full size, poly back.

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