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  • Tampico Fibre Brush

    Tampico is harvested from the cactus-like Lechuguilla plant. These light grooming and finishing brushes leave coats smooth and sleek. Strong but soft natural fibers provide great durability. Full size back.

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  • Thinning Shears Stainless

    6 1/2″ thinning shears are made of high-quality stainless steel and then ice tempered for a long-lasting, surgically sharp edge. These lightweight shears reduce hand fatigue and feature a buffered action which prevents pinching. Removes bulk quickly and blends well with surrounding hair; perfect for thinning thick and unruly manes.

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  • Trim Kit

    Complete kit with thinning shears and comb. Dress hair from underneath, thinning and trimming down as desired. Comes with leather case that loops over your belt.

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  • Turtle Bath Sponge

    Turtleback-shaped, half-moon synthetic bath sponge. The best bath sponge on the market.

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  • Union Border Brush

    One of our most popular brushes. The stiff union center and pure Mexican tampico border offers the best of both fibers, for deep cleaning and efficient flicking. This all-around dandy has the advantages of the stiff union center for loosening tough dirt, while the softer tampico border sweeps away dust for a clean, smooth finish.

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  • Vetrolin Shine

    Ready-to-use spray puts a brilliant shine on coats, manes and tails. Includes vitamin B5 conditioners plus PABA sunscreen. Protects skin and coat from wind, weather and sun. Makes manes and tails more manageable. Repels dust and dirt.

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  • White Rub Rag

    Excellent for rubbing any product on a horse or simply to remove dust. Made of 100% cotton terry cloth and measures 17″ x 13″.

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  • Wood Mane Tail Comb

    Pulling comb with wooden handle; 4 1/2″ x 1/2″ aluminum teeth.

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  • Wooden Sweat Scraper

    Available in regular or walnut-stained finish. 17″ long.

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