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  • Fiebings Saddle Soap – 7 oz. Bar

    An excellent cleaner and preservative. Effectively restores dried out leather to its full-bodied suppleness and buffs to a rich, satiny, scuff-resistant finish. Fair and horse show exhibitors often shampoo prize cattle and horses with glycerine saddle soap to impart a healthy sheen to their coats.

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  • Fiebings Saddle Soap Paste

    Used in better stables and tack rooms throughout the world on fine saddlery, boots and shoes. It cleans leather and lubricates the fibers to prevent brittleness, maintaining suppleness and strength. When dry, it can be buffed to a soft satin finish that brings out the characteristic translucent depth of fine leather.

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  • Horsemans One Step

    Convenient one-step cleaning and conditioning cream, with no greasy residue. Three cleaning agents remove dirt, sweat and salt, while restoring a natural shine to leather. Penetrates quickly to protect from drying and cracking. Unique lanolin formula keeps leather soft, pliable and strong.. Safe to use on harnesses, saddles, halters, bridles, reins, boots, belts, luggage, shoes, sporting goods, handbags and most leather garments.

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  • Hydrophane Leather Dressing – Quart

    Leather Dressing that Protects and Waterproofs. – The Unique Formula with its Waterproofing Action Protects New Leather, Renovates Old Leather and enables Mud and Sweat to be Easily Removed with Cold Cater.

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  • Leather New

    The first self-polishing saddle soap, makes leather look like new with a single application. Just spray it on and rub it in. Cleans, softens and renews leather, then dries to a long lasting shine. Will not dull or stain, and since there is no oily residue, will not rub off on riding pants. Removes embedded dirt and grime, while replacing natural oils deep down in leather.

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  • Lexol

    Provides vital lubricants to keep leather soft, while maintaining its strength, durability and beauty. Microscopically fine oil droplets penetrate to combine with the fibers and stay there. This controlled lubrication lets Lexol nourish and revitalize, while avoiding seepage into adjacent materials. Renews the rich luster of leather, assuring a smooth, satin finish. Gives immediate protection to wet or dry leather without leaving an oily residue.

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  • Lexol NF

    Protects leather from greasy, sticky residue of “pure” neatsfoot oil or neatsfoot compounds. ThereÍs nothing to trap dirt, discolor clothing or spread to suede or other materials. Penetrates easily into wet or dry leather, nourishing and protecting the fibers as they dry. It actually bonds to the fibers to maintain strength, flexibility and durability. Lubricates without saturating to give leather an elegant finish without darkening.

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  • Lexol pH

    Deep cleans with a powerful foaming action. Concentrated to get embedded dirt and grime out of hard-to-reach crevices and tooling. Rinses easily, leaving leather healthy, supple, able to breathe. A safe blend of cleaners with no waxes or additives to build up and clog pores. No harsh ingredients that can damage, discolor or dull leather. Allows follow-up treatment with Lexol Conditioner while leather is still damp.

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  • Murphys Oil Soap Liquid

    The original pure vegetable oil soap for use on leather, vinyl, etc.

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