Tack & Repair Items

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  • Leather Halter Crown

    Replacement leather halter crown with buckle holes on each end for halters with two buckles.

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  • Leather Keeper – 1 inch

    1″ wide replacement leather keeper. Sold in a dozen pack.

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  • Leather Rolled Throat Latch

    Replacement leather rolled throat latch. Superior quality.

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  • Mesh Screen Blinker Cup

    Replacement screen mesh blinker cup. Excellent for nervous horses. Sold per piece.

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  • Nickel Keeper – 5/8 inch

    5/8″ nickel plated replacement keeper for bridle. Sold by the dozen.

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  • Patent Leather Jockey Billets

    Replacement girth billets for a jockey saddle. Excellent quality patent leather with nylon inserts. Sold in pairs.

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  • Sewing Awl

    Traditional styled hand stitcher. Wooden base with two stainless steel needles, one straight, the other curved, all nestled inside.

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  • Solid Brass Lead Shank Chain

    Replacement Solid Brass Lead Chain 30″. Excellent heavy duty quality.

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  • Waxed Stitching Thread

    Waxed thread to complement the sewing awl. Cotton waxed thread. Excellent for stitching leather.

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