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  • Bunk Feeder with Hay Rack – 5′

    Steel frame bunk feeder has heavy duty plastic feed tray with drain holes. Steel frame hay rack. Easily separates.

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  • Chain End Twitch

    Will not slip or cause stoppage of circulation. Wood handle.

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  • Clothesline

    All-purpose clothesline. Great product for all-around use.

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  • Corn Broom

    Durable, handmade American product, with square shoulder. Constructed of 100% top grade broom corn, 100% hardwood handle and five rows of stitching; superior quality.

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  • Cotton Rope Hay Net

    Premium quality, strong, knotted cord.

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  • Equine Thermometer

    Traditional style thermometer, with loop on one end to attach catch cord. Heavy duty plastic case.

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  • Fearing Trailer Wash – Quart

    Lifts stubborn grime, removes manure, dirt and urine. Little or no brushing required, effective in both hot and cold water. Applies manually or with high pressure sprayer.

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  • Fetlock Shear

    High quality stainless steel, curved fetlock scissors. Excellent for clipping.

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  • Hay Net

    Excellent quality. Extra large size.

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