Veterinary & Barn Equipment

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  • Leg Paint Brush Black

    Wooden with black bristles; 7″ long. Dozen per bag.

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  • Light Bulbs – 4 pk.

    100-watt GE standard light bulbs. Recommended for storage and utility areas. Excellent in a barn.

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  • Lunge Whip

    63″ handle and shaft, 78″ lash/popper. Easy-to-hold pimple grip handle.

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  • Metal Hose Clamp

    Adjustable hose clamp, 1/8″ to 5/16″.

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  • Neck Cradle

    Prevents the horse from chewing.

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  • Nylon Fleece Kick Chain – Pair

    Nylon kick chain with fleece covering the nylon strap. Sold in pairs.

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  • Nylon Lunge Whip – Black

    Braided nylon-covered with all-rubber, golf grip handle. Measures 6 feet long with 6 _ foot lash.

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  • Nylon Rope

    Spool of general purpose nylon rope, 3/16″ wide. Excellent for attaching tarps and awnings. Replacement ropes for hay bags.

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  • One Man Twitch

    Made of durable steel with zinc plating. The One-Man Twitch offers several working positions for desired pressure and size of horse. Can be used on lower or upper lip. Will not bend or break. 12″ length.

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