Veterinary & Barn Equipment

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  • Pipe Dose Syringe – 6″

    Made of brass tubing with nickel chromium plating and finished smooth end. Inside diameter is 3/8″ and outside diameter is 3/8″.

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  • Pistol Grip Hose Nozzle

    Pistol grip, adjustable spray Gilmour water nozzle. American-made.

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  • Plastic Pill Pusher – Red

    Overall length 18″, plastic pill pusher.

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  • Pliers

    A must-have around the barn. Heavy duty, excellent for cutting wire and general barn maintenance.

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  • Push Broom

    Durable, 24″ wide, rough surface push broom. Two pieces, heavy duty handle.

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  • Quart Spray Bottle

    Empty quart spray bottle with pistol grip sprayer. High quality plastic.

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  • Rapid Washer

    Nicknamed the “poor man’s washing machine.” This handy barn helper has been around for two generations to help wash bandages and stable rubbers.

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  • Red Pepper – 2lb

    Cayenne red pepper, perfect for deterring the biting and tearing of wraps.

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  • Safety Hasp Steel Zinc Plated 3.5″

    Adjustable vertical staple compensates for sag. All screws are concealed when hasp is locked. Rust-resistant, steel/zinc-plated.

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