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  • Short Dose Syringe

    Made of nickel chromium plated brass tubing barrels. The plunger/plunger rods are nickel chromium plated solid brass; the finger rings/thumb rings/head caps are zinc die cast. Plunger “O” rings are of high quality rubber with mineral oil lubricant applied.

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  • Sure Measure

    Polished aluminium measuring standard. Has heights ruled from 10 to 18 hands on one side and 100-180 cm on the reverse. Push-button, fold-up vertical beam has easy plumb vial for accuracy. Telescopic in center for ease of carrying and storage.

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  • Thinning Shears

    With plastic-covered handles. Perfect for thinning out a mane or tail.

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  • Three In One Oil

    Multipurpose oil that lubricates, cleans and prevents rust.

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  • Two Piece Lunge Whip

    Ideal for traveling. Separates for easy transport and storage, screws tightly together. Golf grip. Virtually indestructible.

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  • Vitamin Pump

    Plastic one-ounce pump. Excellent for dispensing vitamins, shampoos and other barn items.

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  • Washing Powder

    40 pounds of concentrated laundry detergent. One scoop cleans a whole washload.

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  • Water Heater

    Bucket water heater is made of quality non-rusting materials, with a 1300 watt element. One of the most powerful buckets for its size. Operated properly, your new bucket water heater will provide years of service. One-year factory guarantee when registration card is returned to manufacturer.

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  • Water Mixer

    “Y” type water mixer. Combines hot and cold water on separate taps to desired temperature. Half-inch diameter, heavy duty hose construction.

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