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  • ComboCare Wormer – 11.6 grams

    Contains moxidectin and praziquantel for broad-spectrum parasite control, including: tapeworms, large and small strongyles, encysted cyathostomes, ascarids, pinworms, large-mouth stomach worms and bots. Each tube treats up to 1250 lbs. Recommended for horses and ponies 6 months of age and older. Studies for the safety of use in breeding mares, pregnant mares and breeding stallions have not been conducted.

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  • Hypodermic Needle

    Sterile needle. Cannot be shipped to a racetrack.

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  • Quest Gel Moxidectin Wormer – 4 oz.

    Treats small strongyles in the encysted stage. By Ft. Dodge, only Quest kills small strongyles before, during and after the encysted stage, and it does so in only one dose. In this unique way, Quest can help prevent the colic, diarrhea, weight loss and other serious intestinal problems frequently associated with the emergence of small strongyles.

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  • Syringe

    Sterile syringe with lock to hold needle securely. Cannot be shipped to a racetrack.

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  • Zimectrin Gold – Syringe

    Zimectrin Gold (Ivermectin/praziquantel) combines two active ingredients to provide the broadest spectrum of parasite control available. Zimectrin Gold is the first equine dewormer licenesed for the control of Equine TAPEWORMS. Safe to use in all horses five months of age and older.

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