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  • Boot Hooks

    Wooden-handled metal boot hooks, sold in pairs. Excellent for pulling on all kinds of boots. A must for any boot wearer.

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  • Cajun Injector

    Not quite a horse item, but being we are a Cajun company, we are asked for this quite often. Excellent quality meat seasoner.

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  • Equine Research Series: Equine Genetics & Selection Procedures – Book

    An outstanding book, providing the principles of genetics of the horse in an interesting, useful, easy-to-read presentation.

    Fascinating details of successful methods used by leaders in the horse industry in their selection of quality horses. This is combined with information on powerful techniques based on solid scientific research.

    Designed to help you achieve excellence – it increases your ability to breed and select superior horses for breeding, racing, or showing. This is important reading for all horse people, and essential for breeders.

    “Comprehensive guide on colors, dominant and recessive traits. This book is a breeder's 'bible,' and is one I would recommend for everyone, regardless of the size of the reader's breeding operation. The book gives readable and understandable information on the consequences of breeding individual animals for specific color and conformation traits. It provides valuable information on the dominance of specific traits and the likelihood of those traits being inherited by offspring.” –, Chattanooga, TN

    560 pages

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  • Jockey Whip Key Chain

    Realistic replica of a patent leather jockey whip. With flap, multicolor spinning and feathers. Available in an assortment of colors. 1″ wide, 6 1/2″ long.

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  • Louisiana RS:9 Sign

    Details the Louisiana Revised Statute. Contains information on the statute holding property owners harmless in the event an equine participant is injured during an activity. 20″ x 30″ chlorplast.

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  • Plush Horse – 7″

    Adorable and cuddly horse pal named Clover.

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  • Racehorse Stickers for Vehicle Windows

    Distinct window art for the horse lover, available in several styles and colors.

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  • Shot Glass Measurer – 3 pack

    Shot glass with measurements for teaspoons, tablespoons, milliliters, etc. Excellent for any barn or home.

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  • Smart Handicapping Made Ea$y – Book

    A book by William Bauman. Goes farther than anything you have ever read on the secrets of the professionals. Most books on handicapping fall down when they tackle the all-important question of whether or not a horse is going to try – whether the stable is sending the horse today or prepping him for a race next week. This book tells you how to answer that crucial question, and tells you when to bet a horse and when to lay off.

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