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  • Thoroughbred Legends – Book

    This outstanding series, written by today's top Turf writers, celebrates horse racing's greatest champions. Select from the list of thoroughbred legends.

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  • Understanding: Equine Lameness by The Bloodhorse – Book

    Understanding Equine Lameness by Les Sellnow

    Understanding Equine Lameness is an easy-to-read but indispensable book on the broad topic of equine lameness.

    This book discusses the horse's gaits, the anatomy of its front and rear legs and joints, and conformational problems that can lead to lameness.

    Understanding Equine Lameness also discusses lameness that can arise from strenuous activity and from trauma.

    Lamenesses that stem from a variety of sources-fractures, tender splint bones, and bursitis-are covered in this practical handbook.

    Sellnow has also written Understanding the Young Horse.

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  • Understanding: Equine Law by The Bloodhorse – Book

    Understanding Equine Law by Milton C. Toby with Karen L. Perch, Ph.D.

    Can a boarding farm owner sell a boarder's horse to satisfy a delinquent bill? Are corporations or partnerships more suitable for certain kinds of equine businesses? Will the posting of signs that indicate potential hazards reduce a farm owner's liability in the event of an injury?

    These questions and others are addressed in Understanding Equine Law, written by Kentucky lawyers Milton C. Toby and Karen L. Perch. Although equine law does not exist as a separate legal specialty, it contains under its broad umbrella contract and liability issues, as well as tax questions.

    The authors examine these areas and provide basic, easy-to-understand information for horse owners and those with equine businesses.

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  • Understanding: Equine Neurological Disorders by The Bloodhorse – Book

    Understanding Equine Neurological Disorders by Bradford G. Bentz, VMD

    In Understanding Equine Neurological Disorders, Dr. Bradford Bentz describes the diseases and conditions that can affect a horse's nervous system and provides an overview of the anatomy of the nervous system and how to evaluate it.

    Bentz looks at the problems that surround Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM), which can exhibit itself in a variety of symptoms.

    Other neurological conditions discussed include tetanus, toxin ingestion, trauma, metabolism, and genetics. This is a necessary addition to any horse owner's library.

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  • Understanding: Equine Preventative Medicine by The Bloodhorse – Book

    Understanding Equine Preventive Medicine by Bradford G. Bentz, VMD, MS

    Pub Date: October 2002. Keeping a horse healthy is the most important task facing a horse owner. It's also a pretty difficult and sometimes very expensive task. Horses have a way of finding a stray nail, catching the latest “bug” to go through the barn, or overindulging in grain to their detriment.

    To prevent accidents, owners try to keep their barns and paddocks as safe as possible by removing harmful items or conditions. Owners should take the same approach in managing their horses' health.

    In Understanding Equine Preventive Medicine, veterinarian Bradford G. Bentz discusses ways to keep horses healthy and free of infectious diseases, from vaccination and deworming programs to proper nutrition to joint and muscle maintenance.

    This useful guide should have a place in every horse owner's tack room.

    Bradford G. Bentz, an equine practitioner and academic, lives in Stillwater, Oklahoma. He is the author of Understanding Equine Neurological Disorders, also part of the Horse Health Care Library.

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  • Understanding: Foal by The Bloodhorse – Book

    Understanding The Foal by Christina S. Cable, DVM

    How to insure a healthy foal, what happens during delivery, and problems that can develop in foals are among the topics covered in this book.

    Handling foals and how to deal with mares who reject their newborns is also discussed. Raising a foal can be a challenging experience for the horse breeder.

    This guide will answer all the common questions about foal growth and health.

    Dr. Cable is completing her residency in large animal surgery at Cornell University.

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  • Understanding: Laminitis Understood by The Bloodhorse – Book

    Understanding Laminitis by Ric Redden, DVM

    Redden's Understanding Laminitis is the first book on this topic written and produced in the United States.

    Laminitis is a disease that can strike any horse, sometimes seemingly without cause. Secretariat, one of the most beloved racehorses of all time, died of complications from laminitis. Redden offers information from his many years of trying to understand the disease.

    He also discusses how to recognize and treat laminitis, including step-by-step instructions for shoeing the laminitic horse.

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  • Understanding: The Broodmares by The Bloodhorse – Book

    Understanding The Broodmare by Dr. Christine M. Schweizer, DVM

    Learn how to care for a mare before she becomes pregnant, during pregnancy, and after foaling. Other topics such as breeding, artificial insemination, inoculation, and routine veterinary care are covered.

    Dr. Christine M. Schweizer grew up working with racehorses at Belmont Park, Aqueduct and Saratoga. She completed her residency in theriogenology at Cornell University.

    Dr. Schweizer has also written Understanding Breeding Management.

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  • Understanding: The Pony by The Bloodhorse – Book

    Understanding the Pony by Karen Briggs

    There is more to a pony than a small horse wrapped in a cute package. Ponies differ from their larger counterparts in a variety of ways, from their dietary and health considerations to behavior.

    In Understanding the Pony, author Karen Briggs covers all the essentials in a book every pony owner will find invaluable. Topics include nutrition, reproduction, and maintaining pony health. Diseases and conditions common to ponies are discussed. Briggs outlines how ponies are used — for jumping, driving, and other disciplines. She also covers the various pony breeds from Shetlands to Connemaras. A section on miniature horses is included.

    Karen Briggs also wrote Understanding Equine Nutrition.

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