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  • Understanding: The Young Horse by The Bloodhorse – Book

    Understanding The Young Horse by Les Sellnow

    Training a young horse can be a daunting prospect for the nonprofessional horse owner. How early should you start working with the horse? How often should the horse be handled? What kind of techniques should be used? In Understanding the Young Horse, Les Sellnow, a lifelong horseman with a diverse background in various equestrian disciplines, provides a breaking and training guide that can be used and understood by horse owners of all levels.

    Using the “building block” method, Sellnow shows how horses, right from birth, can be trained in a patient and consistent manner to respond to their owner or handler. Sellnow traces the steps taken in putting on a foal's first halter to leading, to dealing with the trauma of weaning. From there, the author discusses breaking, then riding the young horse.

    Les Sellnow is also the author of Understanding Equine Lameness.

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