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  • Horse Jolly Ball – 10′ w/handle

    The ultimate ball that resists deflation from biting, punctures or kicking. No air needed to inflate, revolutionary material. Eliminates boredom and helps reduce stress.

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  • Likit Horse Treat & Toy – Holder & Refill

    The easiest way to start using Likits. This high quality robust plastic toy includes an attractive lead rope and Likit. For best results hang in the stable away from walls. Choose from a variety of colour and rope options.

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  • Likit Horse Treat & Toy – Refill

    Likits are vitamin enriched treats which come in many fabulous tasty flavors to stimulate your horse. You can try all our different flavours and find the one that your horse likes the best. The Likit is the large treat for refilling the Likit Holder or Boredom Breaker toys.

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  • Manna Pro Apple Flavor Wafers – 25 lb.

    Designed to provide a nutritional treat or reward for horses. Apple Flavor Wafers will not imbalance the normal ration. Economical and horses love them.

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  • Mrs. Pasture’s Cookies for Horses

    Cookie-shaped treats made with goodies horses can’t resist. Made with oats, bran, wheat, barley, molasses and apple and a generous dollop of love. Dehydrated, not baked, they hold together and donÍt crumble in your pockets, so they make excellent schooling treats. Developed to please horses and they sure do. Keep a cookie jar full at the barn for emergency incentive.

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  • Nugget Horse Treat Manna Pro

    Your horse- always ready to work and eager to please, a steadfast and faithful companion who gives so much, yet asks for little in return. As a rider, you understand that small acts of kindness and daily interaction tell your horse more than words ever can. Manna Pro understands this too and has developed a line of wholesome treats that will help you show how much you care. Tasty and bite-sized, Apple, Licorice, Butterscotch and Peppermint Flavored Nuggets are the perfect way to provide a nutritious reward after a ride or competition, or to simply share a special moment with a good and trusted friend.

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