Jockey Items

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  • Kroop Jockey Goggles

    Brown edge, brass vent, narrow band jockey goggles.

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  • Large Helmet Rubber Band

    #107 helmet rubber band.

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  • Lycra Helmet Covers

    Excellent for covering any jockey helmet. Available in solid or two-tone styles of colors.

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  • Lycra Leggings

    Excellent for keeping pants in boots.

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  • Morning Helmet

    Beautiful Clarino-covered morning exercise helmet. E-mail us for a list of the current stock on colors and


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  • Popper Whip

    Jockey patent leather replacement whip popper.

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  • Racing Mud Pants

    Heavy duty mud riding pants.

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  • Racing Pants

    Heavy duty riding pants.

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  • Racing Whip

    Lightweight jockey whip with golf club grip on handle.

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