Bits, Stirrups, Spurs, Burrs, Stops & Guards

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  • Burr Bit

    Spiked and made of black plastic.

  • Butterfly Bit

  • Chifney Bit

    Stainless steel.

  • Chuck Spicer Bit

    Traditional design. Solid jointed mouthpiece with ring under chin. Detachable screw can move to either side of bit. Excellent for keeping a horse straight.

  • Copper Mouth Eggbutt Jointed

    Heavyweight, 22mm, 5″.

  • Dee Bit Barrel Jointed Snaffle – 5″

    Dee Ring Jointed Snaffle 5″

  • Dee Bit Copper Barrel – 5″

    Dee Bit Copper Barrel

  • Dexter Ring Racing Bit

    Stainless steel bit has a jointed mouth and 2″ rings.

  • Dr Bristol Steelast Eggbutt Snaffle – 5″

    Every 20/10 surgical steel bit is precisely balanced. Both halves match perfectly for more comfort in your horse’s mouth.

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