Breeding Equipment & Supplies

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  • Bucket Tub with Nipple

    An 8-quart bucket with nipple attached. Excellent for feeding orphan babies or for supplemental feedings.

  • Calf Bottle

    With screw nipple. Excellent for feeding orphans or supplements.

  • Calf Bottle Holder

    Holder for calf bottle.

  • Foal Lac Pellets – 8 lb.

    A supplement to the foal’s creep ration, provides nutrients when the dam’s milk declines in quantity. It makes an easier transition from milk to grain ration. Also an excellent supplement for gestating or lactating broodmares and breeding stallions.

  • Foal-Lac Powder

    Simulates the composition of mare’s milk and is a nutritionally complete powder. Is easily reconstituted with water for orphaned or early weaned foals. Foal-Lac Powder has successfully raised orphaned foals for over 25 years.

  • Mare Card – pack of 25

    Package of 25 cards to record all aspects of the breeding season. Excellent for keeping track of your own mares you are breeding for others.

  • Nylon Rope Breeding Hobbles

    Excellent for immobilizing a mare for breeding; 2″ wide nylon.

  • Stallion Brush

    Metal tines on a wood brush with a nylon belly strap.

  • Stallion Halter

    Halter with metal ring around nose and nylon headstall with rope lead affixed to nose.

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