Horse Boots

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  • Bell Boots

    Designed for overreach protection and contoured to the horse’s foot to minimize spinning. Made of a heavy duty PVC compound, the boots are several times more durable than rubber boots, resisting rips and tears. The double locking Velcro closures hold boot securely in place.

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  • Felt Hoof Protector Horse Boot Pair

    These 3/4″ thick felt boots affix around the hoof with a strap and buckle in place to protect the hoof.

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  • Front Shipping Boot

    Wide Velcro closures and soft PVC foam lining allow a snug fit that provide maximum protection. The shipping boots keep the ligaments warm and loose while the air vents allow for a cool ride; protect the lower leg and cover the back of the hoof. The open toe prevents tripping. All critical lower leg parts are protected from hoof to cannon bone.

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  • Jumping Boot

    Protects tendons and ligaments while permitting the horse to feel movement. The pliable boot fits comfortably. Two Velcro closures hold the boot in place securely. One size fits all.

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  • Naugahyde Ankle Ice Boot

    Pair of ankle-high ice boots, with zipper closure. Heavy duty and long lasting.

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  • Neoprene 9 Pocket Ice Horse Boot

    Neoprene 9-pocket ice boot. Inside pockets are made of heavy elastic which securely hold ice next to legs for the pre-race freeze. Pair.

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  • Neoprene Hock Boots

    Top quality, Deluxe Hock Boots are made with long lasting, dense neoprene padding with nylon lining. These unique boots are formed for proper fit to protect the hocks from stall sores, used during shipping or to reduce swelling. Sure fit design will eliminate the need for bandaging while velcro fasteners provide snug, secure fit. Bound edges and seam reinforcement adds extra strength and durability.

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  • No Turn Bell Boots

    The patented triple layer construction provides unmatched protection, comfort and durability. The back of the boot features an inward protruding cushion which conforms to the horseÍs ankle; this patented feature prevents turning and provides extra protection. The boots have a double locking Velcro closure.

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  • Shoe Boil Boot Horse Boot

    Rubber shoe boil boot with nylon closure. Excellent to prevent shoe boils in horses. Sold each.

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