Race Equipment

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  • 3m equisport support bandage.jpg

    3M Equisport Support Bandage

    Proven leg support, stabilizes gait of fatigued horses. Excellent for young horses in training, horses with severe rundown, and horses recovering from injury. Ideal for severe rundown.

  • 3M Felt Patch – 4 pk

    Felt patch die-cut to 4″ rounds with 3/4″ cutouts, backed with 3M rundown patches. Notched for excellent fit. Set of 4 patches.

  • 3m rundown patch.jpg

    3M Rundown Patch – 100 pk.

    Super-tough plastic with a pressure-sensitive backing; won’t tear or burn through. Bandage protects horseÍs fetlocks from rundown injuries. Package of 100.

  • Adhesive Felt Patch – Box 7″x36″

    Felt patch.

  • cramer_zip_cutter-2

    Cramer Zip Cutter

    Easily cuts through wraps for easy removal. Long-lasting, heavy plastic with replaceable blade.

  • cramer replacement blades.jpg

    Cramer Zip Cutter Replacement Blades – 10 pack

    Package of 10 blades.

  • Die Cut Rundown Felt Patch – 12 pkg.

    Felt patch, die cut to 3 1/2″ rounds. Excellent for heel rundowns. Package of 12.

  • Fake Chamois

    Rubber-based synthetic product for keeping racing saddles from slipping.

  • foam girth channel.jpg

    Foam Girth Channel

    Excellent for keeping racing saddles from slipping.

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