Strap Goods

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  • Cotton Web Lunge Line

    Heavy duty webbing will not slip. Rawhide reinforcement sewn into brass-plated chain. Measures 1″ wide and 25 feet long.

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  • Cotton Web Lunge Line Color

    Colorful cotton web lunge line with nickel-plated snap; 30 feet long.

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  • Economy Cotton Lead Shank

    A 1/2″ cotton rope, 6 feet long, braided on snap and end knot.

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  • Foreign Leather Halter

    Inexpensive, foreign-made, leather halter. Perfect for sales.

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  • Halter Helper

    Humane way to lead the stubborn horse. Instead of the old-fashioned brain buster, this strap fits through a regular nylon halter and has three brass weights on the poll of the horse.

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  • Harness Leather Stirrup Straps

    Pair of extra long, heavy harness leather stirrup straps.

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  • Head Bumper

    Thick PVC foal inside for extra comfort and heavy duty PVC compound outside for extra protection. The head bumper provides excellent protection when trailering or in unfamiliar environments. Slotted to fit on any halter.

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  • Lancers Leather Nutcracker Cribbing Strap

    A very effective cribbing strap. Harness Leather.

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  • Leather Girth Extender

    All leather, this extender adds up to 6″ of length to a standard girth.

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