Strap Goods

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  • Leather Lip Chain

    Leather headstall with brass chain to go over lip. Excellent for controlling a difficult horse.

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  • Leather Mare Collar

    Perfect identification of your broodmare. A 1″ wide leather collar with solid brass hardware.

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  • Leather Martingale Fork

    English leather fork with two large, solid brass rings and a solid brass snap.

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  • Leather Martingale Yoke

    English leather yoke, 1″ wide strap to girth, 3/4″ strap around neck. Beautiful English leather material with solid brass hardware.

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  • Leather Stirrup Straps

    Pair of leather stirrup straps with nylon inserts. Available in long or regular.

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  • Leather Walsh Sale Halter

    American-made, high quality leather halter. Made with English bridle leather, solid brass hardware, adjustable chin. Excellent for use as a sale or stable halter.

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  • Miracle Leather Nylon Cribbing Strap

    Leather under with nylon strap.Compulsive cribbing can lead to unsightly stall and fence damage, digestive complications including weight loss and even life-threatening colic. Now horse owners have the power to break this cribbing habit.

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  • Nylon and Fleece Exercise Girth

    American-made, nylon and fleece exercise girth, with elastic on both ends.

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  • Nylon Collar

    A 1″ wide nylon foal collar that’s excellent for identifying your babies. Sturdy buckle and dee ring.

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