Strap Goods

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  • Nylon Exercise Stirrup Straps

    Pair of heavy duty, 1″ wide stirrup straps.

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  • Nylon Hobbles – 1.25″

    Black. Doubled and stitched nylon hobbles can be adjusted for a snug or loose fit. Durably constructed to stand up to practical use.

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  • Nylon Lip Chain

    Leather headstall with brass chain to go over lip. Excellent for controlling a difficult horse.

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  • Nylon Lunge Line

    A 25-foot nylon lunge line with brass-plated chain.

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  • Nylon Martingale Fork & Yoke Set

    Fork has two large, heavy duty rings and sturdy snap. Yoke has 1″ nylon strapping with adjustable strap attaching below to girth. Solid or two-tone colors.

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  • Nylon Nutcracker Cribbing Strap

    Nylon strap is an effective deterrent for the cribber.

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  • Nylon Weaving Rig

    Heavy duty rig to prevent a horse from weaving, made of 1″ nylon strapping.

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  • Padded Lunge Line

    Super-soft material is kind to hands when lunging; 30 feet long with brass snap.

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  • Stemmans Foaling-to-Weaning Halter

    Perfect halter for all newborn foals. Features 3/4″ wide black nylon with leather crown piece. Self-adjusts.

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