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  • Nyloprene Shock Absorbing Girth

    A durable and comfortable neoprene girth – the choice of performance trainers. Washes easily, preventing the spread of fungus; stops galling; and holds saddle in place better. Thick, black, covered neoprene with 4″ wide, 4 ply nylon web center. Black, heavy steel hardware.

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  • Western Economy Saddle Pad

    A 1″ mixed fiber center, wear plates; 30″ x 30″.

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  • Western Hackamore

    Braided leather noseband has chrome-plated hackamore with 9″ cheeks.

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  • Western Leather Back Girth – 3″ wide

    Harness leather with 3″ wide back girth and 2″ billets.

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  • Western Leather Breastcollar

    Nickel hardware; beautiful workmanship. Measures 1 1/2″ wide, plain.

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  • Western Leather Curb Chain

    1/2″ leather curb with nickel chain and hardware.

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  • Western Leather Curb Strap

    1/2″ leather curb with nickel hardware. Beautiful quality.

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  • Western Leather One Ear Headstall

    5/8″ leather with nickel hardware and Chicago screw bit attachment. Beautiful workmanship.

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  • Western Leather Roping Reins

    5/8″ x 7′ roping rein with snap on one end and conway buckle attachment on the other. Beautiful, simple and elegant.

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