Fly Repellents

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  • Equi Spot – Farnam

    Equi-Spot® Spot-on Fly Control For Horses
    Sweat resistant fly & tick control that works rain or shine
    Protects horses from flies, gnats, mosquitoes and TICKS!
    Kills & repels house flies, stable flies, face flies, horn flies, eye gnats, and ticks on horses
    Water and sweat-resistant formula proven effective even when your horse gets wet
    Ideal for pastured horses

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  • Eqyss Marigold Spray

    Premier Spray Marigold Scent is a moisturizing spray that does not coat your horse’s skin or hair. Developed specifically to attract and bind moisture captured from the air to your horse’s skin and coat. Premier Spray Marigold Scent uses a unique blend of ingredients that adds intense moisture to your horse’s coat, mane, and tail without leaving a slippery residue. Premier Spray Marigold Scent can be used daily, especially after you bathe or brush your horse and is safe to use on the saddle area. Silicone free. Will not burn eyes. For best results, use with Premier Shampoo and Premier Conditioner for maximum, yet gentle, cleaning, color intensifying, and conditioning. For all Horses Ponies Mares Foals. Tropical scent.
    •Moisturizes and conditions skin, coat, mane and tail
    •Enhances shine
    •Protects coat from bleaching out
    •Repels dust & dirt and reduces static electricity
    •Leaves non-slip finish

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  • Martin’s Horse & Stable Spray

    Multi-use insecticide for control of stable flies, horn flies, face flies, deer flies and other listed insects. For use on horses, cattle, poultry, swine, goats and sheep. Ready-to-use.
    Key Insects:
    ticks, lice, fleas, flies, horn flies, face flies, deer flies, stable flies, gnats, mosquitoes
    Use Sites:
    horses, cattle, dogs, poultry, swine, sheep, animal housing, horse & stable
    Active Ingredients:
    Permethrin, Citronella

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  • Mosquito Halt – Quart

    You can help protect your horse against the threat of West Nile Virus with new Mosquito Halt. Contains .20% Permethrin and .13% Prallethrin to provide immediate knockdown, kill and residual control of mosquitoes that cause West Nile Virus and other deadly mosquito borne diseases. Dual insecticide and repellent also kills and repels gnats, face flies, stable flies and houseflies. It also includes soothing aloe, lanolin and PABA sunscreen for skin and coat protection. Can be used on horses, foals and ponies.

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  • Permethrin SFR

    Permethrin SFR | CSI®
    Permethrin SFR is a broad-use professional strength termiticide/insecticide
    Labeled for both pre and post-construction termite applications
    Can be used on lawns, landscapes, ornamentals, around homes, sheds and barns on a variety of insects
    Safe for use in and around animal housing, including poultry houses, and on listed animals
    Product Type: Professional
    Use Sites: pre- and post-construction termite, lawns, landscapes, ornamentals, around homes, sheds and barns, in and around animal housing, including poultry houses, and on listed animals
    Effective Against: ants, bees, beetles, boxelder bugs, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, flies, millipedes, mole crickets, pillbugs, scorpions, silverfish, spiders, ticks, termites, wasps
    Active Ingredients: Permethrin 36.8%

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  • Pre-Strike Outdoor Fogger

    Pre-Strike® Outdoor Fogger – 14 oz.
    •Kills mosquitoes
    •Reapply at 14 days
    •Quick knockdown
    •Treats up to 10,000 sq. ft.
    •Sprays up to 15 feet away
    Dimensions: 14oz

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  • Pyranha Equine Spray & Wipe

    Equine Spray & Wipe™
    Our water-based formula is quickly becoming a stable favorite among horse owners. It won’t attract dust and grime like oil-based products and offers long-lasting protection against a wide array of insects. Available in 4 oz trail-size, quart, and gallon sizes.

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  • Pyranha Insecticide

    Pyranha Insecticide™
    Pyranha Insecticide is an equine aerosol that has been on the market since 1973! This product is citronella scented. Brushing the animal after an application will bring out a bright, lustrous shine. Pyranha Insecticide has been used by champions all over the country for maximum fly control just before entering the show ring. Available in 15 oz aerosol can.

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  • Pyranha Pony XP

    Pony XP®
    This aqueous equine insecticide spray features a ready-to-use, citronella scented formula. It won’t attract dust and grime like oil-based products and offers protection against a wide array of insects. Pony XP can be wiped or sprayed on horses. This value priced product is sure to be your next favorite. Available in quart size.

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