Hoof Preparations

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  • Hooflex Natural – 30 oz.

    The first all natural alternative with ingredients known to help promote shiny, healthy hooves. Hooflex All Natural Dressing uses herbal ingredients to stimulate circulation and improve hoof growth. Hooflex All Natural Dressing penetrates fast with no greasy residue. No petroleum distillates – only all natural vegetable oils. Enhances natural hoof color without artificial chemicals or dyes. Fast and easy to apply – with a shine that lasts 2 to 3 days. Easy to use applicator brush allows for hands-free application.

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  • Hoofmaker

    Nourishes entire hoof area. Contains natural oils, vitamins, protein, stimulants, medications and conditioner. Aids conditioning of frog to withstand the most severe shocks of performance.

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  • Kopertox – Pint

    A water-resistant protection for the treatment of thrush in horses.

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  • Magic Cushion – Absorbine

    Magic Cushion® & Magic Cushion® Xtreme
    The hoof packing trusted by farriers
    Veterinary formulated to work like magic on sore feet, Magic Cushion® hoof packing starts working to reduce hoof heat within one hour, and then for up to 24 hours*.
    •“One of the top 5 products recommended by farriers to clients” – 2014 American Farriers Journal Business Practices Survey
    •Provides fast, soothing relief for overworked, overheated hooves
    •Helps relieve symptoms associated with hoof concussion and trauma*
    •Calms inflammation and soreness throughout the sole and frog
    •Fast-acting and long-lasting relief from heat and soreness in hooves
    •Does not contain any substances currently prohibited by USEF or FEI
    •Each four-pound tub contains enough hoof packing for about 20 applications

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  • McTarnahan’s Sole-Eeze

    An excellent aid in relieving soreness in tender footed horses prior to strenuous workouts or racing. Same great formula but now part of the McTarnahans Winners Circle line of products.

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  • Menhaden Fish Oil – Gallon

    For use in maintaining the pliability of the hoof wall, heel, sole, frog and coronet of horse’s feet.

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  • No Thrush

    As always, a picture is worth countless words. So, this page is structured to show how No Thrush ® is used, what to expect, and also to learn our hints and recommendations for the best and fastest thrush treatment…. By the way… Notice we don’t say “Cure” when speaking about thrush. We say “Treat.” This is because thrush is not curable. Once a horse has thrush, he is suseptable for life. The thrush bacteria will continue to return and be a problem. Because of this fact, we are excited that NO THRUSH also works as a prevention tool.. (Don’t wait for thrush to return – because it will.) Once you have attacked the active thrush, then just do a weekly PRO-ACTIVE maintenance dusting.

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  • Pine Tar – Gallon

    Aids in maintaining flexible hoof walls by retaining hoof moisture. Made with natural ingredients. Can also be used as a hoof packing.

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  • Reducine Absorbent – 1 lb.

    More than 100 years of outstanding performance. Developed by veterinarians who served the British royalty, this product features penetrating and anti-inflammatory properties, with iodine and pine tar to stimulate blood flow and speed healing.

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