Hoof Preparations

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  • Spurr’s Big Fix


    Both antiseptic and soothing the solution quickly penetrates the affected areas and goes to work. And, because it’s a convenient spray it reaches those deeper recess so hard reach with thicker ointments.

    We all know the old saying “no hoof no horse” and Spurr’s Big Fix is no less than miraculous when it comes to conditioning dry, brittle or cracked hooves!
    Farriers love it because they can simply spray it on the foot, wait a moment and trim a much more pliable hoof.
    Highly effective on White Line Disease and a powerhouse on Thrush. Literally spray and watch as the black runs out of the crevices around the frog and drips off the hoof.
    Owners love it because of it’s fresh, clean smell and non-staining formula, leaving their barn, hands and clothes
    free of damaging stain!
    As a convenient spray, it’s easier to apply than other gooey hoof products, many containing drying pine tar as a main ingredient. Spurr’s Big Fix uses non-drying Tea Tree and other essential oils, along with glycerine to help moisturize the hoof.

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  • Stemmans Hoof Dressing

    For treatment of brittle, ringy and shelly hooves. Also effective when used for contracted heels, where heeling and flexing is desired.

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  • Stemmans Thrush Medicine – Pint

    For use in treatment of lesions in horses, including foot rot, ringworm and wounds. Also used for treating thrush and for toughening hooves.

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  • Su-Per Venice Turpentine – Pint

    Used to paint the soles of horses prior to an event to prevent stinging.

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  • Super Sole

    May aid in the temporary relief of minor soreness from bruised and tender soles, such as in the case of stone bruises. Toughens the sole, lessening the occurrence of stinging during workout or racing. Pour a small amount into a plastic cup. Then apply to the soles of horses feet with a small brush. Normally used every third day; however, may be used as frequently as four times daily if desired.

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  • Tenda Heel Salve

    Tenda Heel Salve™
    Tenda Heel Salve™ An old fashioned and time tested horsemen’s formula for the prevention and treatment of cracked heels. Rich in Lanolin this salve is easy to apply and will not burn or blister. Mild antiseptic properties aid in the healing of existing scratches and scrapes. Tenda Heel Salve™ is suitable for all classes of horses and will not test.

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  • Thrush Buster Mustad – 2 oz.

    A single application relieves the agonizing, crippling effects of thrush. One treatment lasts for up to eight days without reapplication, even in the wettest, muddiest terrain. Dramatically reduces the chances of reinfection. Can also be used before applying sole pads and silicon to toughen thin-soled feet and reduce bacteria counts.

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  • Thrush Relief

    Farnam® Thrush Relief
    formerly know as Thrush-XX™ Thrush Treatment Aid
    Same great product, with a new name!
    Farnam® Thrush Relief is a copper naphthenate formula that helps clear out thrush quickly.
    •Water resistant so no bandaging is required
    •Permits air to penetrate for quick recovery and preventative action

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  • Valentine Hoof Ointment

    For Race, Polo, Saddle and Show Horses.
    Relieves brittle, ringy, shelly hoofs, hard frog and contracted heels. Prevents split hoof, center and quarter cracks.

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