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  • Aloe Comfrey Gel – 1 lb.

    Aloe Comfrey Gel relieves eczema (hot spots). Can also be used as a poultice for horse’s ankles, shins and knees. An excellent relief gel for dogs, cats and horses.

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  • Animalintex – 8″ x 16″

    Hoof poultice pad.

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  • Bowie Leg Clay Mud Sack – 50 lb.

    A dry powdered mineral clay packaged in 50 lb. bags. When mixed with water, Bowie becomes adhesive and pliable, allowing the owner to pack or cover the problem area. Many consider Bowie the ultimate in natural remedies for hoof and leg care.

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  • Numotizine – 3 lb.

    Aids in relieving pain and swelling, particularly in sprains, tendonitis and sore shins.

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  • Stemmans 24 Hour Poultice

    A blend of natural clays, vitamins and deep-well mineral water. Effective treatment for horses' knees, tendons, ankles and suspensories.

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  • Stemmans Non-Medicated Poultice

    Non-Medicated Poultice is a blend of natural clays.

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