Wound Preparation & Fungus Products

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  • Aloe Advantage Wound Salve – 8 oz. Tube

    Applied to minor cuts, abrasions and burns on horses, dogs and livestock. It clings to the wound to form an invisible bandage and to restore healthy skin tissue. Flies are discouraged with the use of this product. A must have item for every horse owner.

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  • Alushield – 2.6 oz.

    The fastest and easiest way to protect wounds without having to wrap a bandage on them. Think of AluShield as an aerosol bandage for horses, sheep and cattle. AluShield has a unique aerosol formula that protects wounds from water, dirt, debris, bacteria and insects, yet still allows wounds to breathe, or receive oxygen. Wounds must have oxygen in order to heal properly.

    AluShield is perfectly suited to use in conjunction with an antibiotic ointment. The spray is a protective barrier, but contains no antibacterial properties. AluShield also works extremely well to protect recently dehorned and/or castrated animals and prevents scalding from scours and foal diarrhea. Provides great protection to any wound, cut, scrape or abrasion!

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  • Bag Balm – 10 oz.

    Famous for years as the most dependable ointment for fast healing. Made by Dairy Association, use it on minor injuries, cuts and scrapes.

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  • Blue Lotion – 4 oz.

    A quick-drying, deep penetrating wound dressing and gall lotion. Aids in the treatment of surface wounds, minor cuts and abrasions, harness galls and saddle sores. Handy dauber bottle is excellent for use on animals skittish about aerosol application. For use on horses and dogs.

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  • Captain Fungicide 50% WP – 8 oz.

    Microfine, wettable powder for use as a spray against fungus diseases of turf, fruit and ornamental crops. Also use as a vegetable seed treatment for the control of certain seed rots and damping-off diseases.

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  • Chap-Guard Plus Udder Cream – Pint

    Maintains natural moisture balance in skin and tissue. Contains aloe vera humecants, multivitamins, sunscreen and chloroxylenol.

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  • Clear Eyes – 3.5 oz.

    Provides daily eye care for horses. Relieves irritation due to dust, dirt and wind. Formulated in an aqueous base that blends with the natural fluids of the eye. Just a few drops daily soothes and brightens eyes, keeps them show bright.

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  • Corona Ointment Udder Butter

    Corona Ointment with the emollient action of real lanolin. Has outstanding ability to help heal cuts, scrapes, rope burns, harness and saddle sores and more. Treats chapped, sun- or wind-burned lips, muzzles, udders and teats as well. Also helps preserve the hoof’s natural moisture balance, strengthens the entire foot, and promotes smooth re-growth of hoof wall. An ideal hoof packing, too.

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  • Cut-Heal Medication – 4 oz. Aerosol

    Makes for fast, simple and clean application, particularly on larger wounds and cuts. A silent spray. Only natural propellants are used, causing no damage to the environment.

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