Wound Preparation & Fungus Products

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  • Cut-Heal Medication – 8 oz. Liquid

    Proven treatment on horses and large animals for minor cuts, irritations and abrasions. Aids in the prevention of proud flesh and excessive scarring. It forms a protective barrier and supports and promotes the natural healing process. The dabber enables even the most inaccessible wounded areas to be effectively covered.

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  • Excalibur Sheath Cleaner – Pint

    Easy to use quality sheath cleaner product for geldings and stallions. Non-irritating cleanser gently dissolves oils and debris, leaving a fresh clean fragrance.

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  • Fearing Equine Aloe Vera Cream – 4 oz.

    Fearing Aloe Wound Cream is an excellent first aid treatment for the skin. Use on cuts and minor abrasions, proud flesh, sore heels and other non-specific skin irritations. This unique formula contains a high concentration of aloe vera extract, along with vitamins A, D and E.

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  • Fung-A-Way – Pint

    For use on horses, dogs and cats as an aid in controlling summer itch, girth itch and ringworm.

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  • Fungidye

    Once in a while a truly great product comes along. Fungidye is one of these product. Only available through Vets and Farriers until recently this product has been clinically tested and proven to be the product of choice in the treatment of Thrush, White Line Disease, Hoof Rot, and Hair Infections.

    Vets and Farriers all over the country have given testimony to the results they have achieved with Fungidye. Fungidye penetrates into infected cavities. It is insoluble in water and urine. The anti fungal agent and two anti-bacterial agent continue to work after being covered up and what’s more important it will not kill tissue.

    We are so convinced about this product that we offer a money back guarantee. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! If you do not find this to be the best product of its type on the market.

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  • Furacin

    This premier antiseptic fights bacterial and fungal infections like no other nitro-furazone paste. Contains 0.02% nitrofurazone.

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  • Horseman’s Dream Veterinary Cream

    The “original” and revolutionary first-aid cream compounded from stabilized aloe vera. This unique skin protectant formula may be used for minor cuts and abrasions, minor burns, rope burns, skin irritations, cracked heels and dry or chapped skin. This fine heavy cream contains allantoin, vitamins E, A, D, and C, wheat germ oil, and purified lanolin.

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  • Hydrogen Peroxide Solution – Pint

    For treatment of minor cuts and abrasions. For use as a gargle or rinse.

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  • Icthammol – 14 oz.

    A black drawing salve used as a poultice on gravel or boils. Also use as an emollient or topical anti-infection healing ointment.

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