Wound Preparation & Fungus Products

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  • Underwood Horse Medicine – Pint

    Never wash or wrap another cut. Just spray cut & sprinkle on light coat of baking soda. Apply daily as many times as possible (at least twice daily). Keep out of the morning dew.

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  • Wonder Dust – 4 oz.

    Wonder Dust is an extraordinary dressing powder and blood coagulant. For use on wounds, cuts, abrasions and capillary bleeding. Specially formulated for use on horses and valuable show stock. A caustic and drying agent for slow-healing sores and infected lesions, and aids in the prevention of proud flesh. Also removes odors from foul or infected wounds. Use with or without a bandage.

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  • Wound Kote Blue Aerosol Spray – 5 oz.

    Formulated for surface wounds, minor cuts and skin abrasions. Coats the wound, disinfects it and aids in early scab formation. Is not easily rubbed or washed off. An aid against bacterial infections common in skin lesions. Non-fluorocarbon aerosol.

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