Dry Feed Supplements

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  • Absorbine Flex + Hoof

    Absorbine Flex+ reduces inflammation plus aids in the prevention and rehabilitation of debilitating joint degeneration in horses. Flex+ is the first and only joint nutrition supplement with a triple action formula, a synergistic combination of ingredients that ensures maximum utilization of its 100% active ingredients. Each scoop contains 1230 mg Glucosamine Sulfate, 350 mg N-Acetyl Glucosamine, 390 mg MSM and 1650 mg Yucca. Scoop enclosed.

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  • Activated Charcoal – 8 oz.

    Activated charcoal.

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  • Alive Plus – 2 lb.

    The natural nutritional food supplement for the equine athlete. Especially formulated for bleeders.

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  • Astringo Powder

    A vitamin to furnish calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B-12.

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  • Augment Ultra – 10 lb.

    A comprehensive balanced multi-nutrient & hoof supplement with chelated minerals, all vitamins including biotin, plus key amino acids. This product is designed to add vital nutrients that are deficient in the base diet of horses on “hay only diets”, or those receiving unfortified “plain” grain, or less than recommended levels of fortified grains. Great for horses that get too “hot” on grain, or for those that are stressed with rigorous training or reproduction/growth. Available in a palatable yeast digestive aid based granular form (10 lb. bucket – 80 day supply or 20 lb. bucket _ 160 day supply).

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  • Calf Manna – 25 lb.

    First introduced in the 1930s, Calf-Manna still ranks at the top of its class today. This innovative product was the first pelleted concentrate. Made from the finest ingredients, it’s highly palatable, highly digestible, and an outstanding protein and energy supplement. At Manna Pro, we know what quality ingredients and consistent formulation can do!

    Besides being an excellent source of protein and energy, Calf-Manna’s palatability has made it the preferred product by successful breeders, trainers, and producers for keeping their animals on feed-a major concern during times of stress.

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  • Cortaflex

    Water-soluble formula featuring the key isolated nutrients from chondroitin (glutamic acid, proline, glycine, glucuronic acid), glucosamine (glutamine), and MSM (sulfur). Proper molecular size assures much greater passage of these nutrients through cellular walls and provides superior cartilage matrix and synovial lining penetration. Corta-Flx not only helps relieve pain, but also helps produce joint lubricating fluids to repair and regenerate damaged cartilage. Feed with regular ration or give orally.

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  • Creatine Monohydrate – 2 lb.

    Human food quality, pure creatine.

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  • DMG

    Battles excess lactic acid. NH dimethylglycine is an aid in breaking down the wall of lactic acid buildup that separates oxygen from muscle, causing tie-ups and early fatigue.

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