Dry Feed Supplements

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  • DMG 2000 – 16 oz

    As a nutritional supplement, aids in overall athletic performance, endurance, oxygen utilization by reducing post exercise muscle lactic acid levels. DMG improves recovery time.

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  • Enflmx

    An all natural, anti-inflammatory feed supplement. Contains special vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids designed to help combat inflammation. Does not lower red blood cell count. Does not test. Feeding instructions included.

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  • Equi Flex Joint Lubricant – 5 lb.

    The natural body lubricant that helps your horse’s body maintain the nutrients found in healthy joints and connective tissue. Equi-Flex offers 95% purified chondroitin sulfate, superoxide dismutase, mangansese ascobate and buffered Vitamin C, crucial for absorption.

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  • Finish Line Vitamin B-1

    Contains 8000 mg/lb. of thiamine mononitrate in powder form with our appealing and unique apple flavor.

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  • Finish Line Vitamin C – 1 lb.

    50,000 mg/lb of natural ascorbic acid with our unique apple flavor added.

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  • Flex Free Maximum Strength – 4 oz.

    Super-concentrated chondroitin sulfates. Legendary quality and maximum economy when fed in controlled conditions. Provides an economical alternative to Flex Free Original Formula when feeding conditions can be well-controlled.

    This powder is fed in very small amounts. One-half scoop supplies approximately 1750 mg chondroitin sulfates, the same natural body lubricants used in Flex Free Original Formula.

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  • Generation – 3 lb.

    Advanced glycosaminoglycan formula, with the teamwork of seven nutrients for maximum chondroitin support.

    High Level Purified Natural GAG Generation» is your best choice for maximum natural body lubricant nutrition. Generation»’s formula starts with a high concentration of purified chondroitin sulfates (3,200 mg per serving), the natural GAGs found in connective tissue and articular cartilage. The water-trapping lubricants of cartilage, called proteoglycans, contain large amounts of chondroitin sulfates. Chondroitin sulfates are also important for the bonding of collagen fibers and for protection against degradative enzymes.

    The activity of GAGs in the body is supported by other metabolic processes that depend on the availability of specific nutrients. Research shows that GAG activity can significantly improve when important co-factors are present at adequate or enhanced levels. Experts have especially noted the need to support the processes of sulfation, collagen formation, optimum circulation, and protection from oxidative radicals and degradative enzymes. Generation» addresses key nutritional requirements for many of these processes.

    Vitamin C and the Bioflavonoids One of the most important co-factors for GAG activity is vitamin C, which is vital for synthesis of proteoglycans and collagen. Ascorbic acid is an important antioxidant, supports fibrinolytic processes, and is an inhibitor of the degradative enzyme B-glucuronidase. Bioflavonoids are water soluble nutrients found throughout the plant kingdom, usually with vitamin C. Quercetin is a bioflavonoid that is found in the rinds of wild fruits, bark, clover blossoms, pollen, eucalyptus, and a wide variety of flowers. Vitamin C and quercetin have been studied for their role in nourishing capillary membranes. Quercetin also supports vitamin C activity directly and serves as a co-antioxidant, reducing superoxide and NADPH oxidase. Other areas of vitamin C and quercetin research include histamine metabolism.

    Manganese, B6, and Enzyme Activity Manganese, an essential trace mineral, is required for the activation of enzymes required in the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans. The absorption of manganese is inhibited by excess calcium, iron, phosphate, oxalates, and phytates, factors frequently found in equine diets. Repair processes require the production of new proteins from the amino acids and peptides available from the diet. The horse’s ability to make maximum use of these building blocks depends on vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) at several key steps, including the process of transamination.

    Betaine, Methionine, and SAM Betaine and methionine are methyl donors, nutrients that have been studied in relation to the immune system and in detoxification and antioxidant processes. Methionine is an essential amino acid and the precursor of the master methyl donor in the body, s-adenosylmethionine, or SAM. Methionine is required for synthesis of cysteine, an antioxidant that also serves as a precursor of glutathione, the most widely distributed antioxidant in the body. Sulfur from methionine is also used for the sulfation of GAGs and the cross-linking of collagen. Betaine serves to promote the ñmethionine pumpî, recovering methionine for renewed production of SAM. According to one researcher, SAM ñranks with ATP as a pivotal molecule in biology.î SAM supports the synthesis of proteoglycans, and has been studied in a number of successful clinical trials.

    More Complete System of Support Generation» supplies a higher level of purified GAGs and nourishes several key points in the metabolism of GAGs. With potent nutritional teamwork, it delivers faster replenishment and better natural body lubricant support over the long term.

    Recommended Feeding For the first 10 days, feed three servings daily. For the next 10 days, feed two servings daily. Feed one serving daily for maintenance. Serving scoop included. Excellent companion products include Vita Flex MSM and Pure C.

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  • Gro Strong – 25 lb.

    Gro Strong vitamin-mineral products are formulated to complement the nutrients in forages. MoorMan’s has produced top-quality, balanced animal mineral supplements for more than 110 years and horse supplements since 1925. The feeding rate for Gro Strong minerals is 1/2 to 3 oz. per horse daily, depending on the type of forage used and the age, size, work load, gender and reproductive status of the horse.

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  • Horseshoer’s Secret

    Developed to provide optimum nutrition for healthy hooves. Healthy hooves start from within, with good nutrition. This unique formula contains only the purest and most digestible ingredients, including biotin, complete protein, mineral complexes, key amino acids, yeast culture and omega-3 fatty acids. This exclusive combination works together at the correct ratios.

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