Oral Syringes

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  • Caco-Liv Syringe – 6 ml

    Liver, iron and copper in a concentrated, easy-to-administer dose. Caco-Liv combines liver extract (liver fraction 1) with the chelated minerals for fast absorption.

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  • Calm & Cool – 34 gm

    Put your horse in the winning class-calm and cool. Reduce nervousness before racing, showing, performing or hauling. Calm & Cool is an herbal blend, formulated for hypertension in horses, which contains no drugs or artificial chemicals. It is legal to use before any competition and does not show up in post-race testing. Administered orally, it eliminates injections.

    Dosage: One syringe for 1,000 pounds, when needed.

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  • E Z Travel by Rio Vista – Syringe

    Provides high levels of direct-fed microbials, delivers easily digested caloric energy. Excellent for foals and senior horses. Dosage: 1 tube administered orally 1 hour prior to loading horse for travel. 30gms paste.

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  • Electro Plex – 34 gm

    Replaces cellular body fluids that are lost due to physical stress. To be used after any race or workout. Electro-Plex contains 18 amino acids, including all 8 essential amino acids, B-Vitamins and electrolytes to help horses cool out faster and help maintain body fluid in proper balance. Water should be available at all times after stress period.

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  • Energy Aid – 34 gm

    A natural, drug-free, dietary supplement for horses. Designed to enhance hormonal synthesis and energy-producing metabolism. Contains amino acids and herbs to help the nervous system function properly. Packaged in a calibrated syringe with 15 divisions. Administer orally, using one division for each 100 pounds of body weight.

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  • Fast Finish Syringe

    Reduces lactic acid buildup and delays fatigue. Performance tested. Improves muscle power, endurance and overall performance.

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  • Finish Line Electrocharge – 2 fluid oz.

    ELECTROCHARGE is a fast-acting oral electrolyte jug / recovery formula.

    ELECTROCHARGE works rapidly to build up and restore electrolytes, salts and trace minerals that your horses lose from strenuous competition, worming or stress.

    FOR BUILD-UP: Give one tube of ELECTROCHARGE 24 hours prior to a race or competition to assure electrolyte levels. Make sure your horse has access to plenty of fresh water.

    AFTER COMPETITION: Give one tube of ELECTROCHARGE approximately 24 hours after competition to restore electrolyte balance in your horse. Give ample fresh water.

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  • Haarlem Oil Syringe – 3/8 oz.

    Juniperberry tar. For equine use only.

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  • JC’s X-Tie Up Syringe – 1 oz. / 30 cc

    Helps your horse run smoother! JC’s X-Tie Up saves on costly vet bills. Trainers tell us that one tube of JC’s Tie-Up will eliminate tie-up for over one month! Excellent for muscle soreness. This all natural product aids in locomotion; regular use is beneficial! Will not test. Absolutely no side effects!

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