Oral Syringes

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  • Jug “Over-the-Counter” Oral Electrolyte Vitamins – 60 cc Tube

    Use before or after an event. Replaces vitamins, minerals and amino acids lost during excessive exercise or heat. Keep ample drinking water supplied.

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  • Lyte Now – 80 cc

    A 26 cc dose instantly provides twice the amount of minerals lost during physical activity. Ideal for use after competition, illness, stress and even worming. Only the finest and most available form of electrolytes and chelated minerals are used. The only 3-minute absorption electrolyte.

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  • Micro B-12 12 x 345 Syringe – 34 gm

    A concentrated gel containing 12,000 micrograms of pure U.S.P. vitamin B-12. The minimum daily requirement of vitamin B-12 has not been established for horses.

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  • Micro B-12 5X – 6 ml

    Highly concentrated, resulting in a low volume dose. Only 6 ml. compared to 32 ml. for the other B-12 gels on the market. The small oral dose syringe is very easy to handle and administer. The 12-syringe case comes in a unique, new, stand-up foam display base. Vitamin B-12 is essential for several normal functions in animals.

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  • Oralx-B – 34 gm

    B-complex concentrate in a paste for oral doses.

    Forget about injections. Contains vitamin B complex, plus iron, copper, zinc, manganese, cobalt, molybdenum and iodine with hemocophron to bind them together in a blood builder for proper chelation or absorption. Dosage: One syringe a week for a 1,000 pound horse in training, and a half syringe for a horse not in training.

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  • Pulmo-Tec Paste Syringe – 60 cc

    Excellent product for clearing coughs and colds in some horses.

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  • Tenda Bleed No More – 60 cc

    The safe, effective and proven method for control of internal bleeding. Administer a 60 cc syringe 2 to 4 hours prior to racing or training. Some heavier bleeders may require a 60 cc syringe 6 to 8 hours out and another 2 to 4 hours out. Do not allow horse to drink until race is complete.

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  • Traileze Chel-Liv-lr – 60 ml

    Oral paste is equivalent to the type of Liver-Iron injectables that are no longer on the market. The iron, cobalt, copper and zinc are available as choline citrates which are the most easily absorbed and utilized by an animal. The liver source in Chel-Liv-Ir is a special new hydrolized (80% pre-digested) soluble type, formulated exclusively for Traileze Chel-Liv-Ir.

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  • Tryptoplex Syringe – 34 gm

    Use for all classes of horses as a dietary supplement of L-Tryptophan, mineral and vitamin.

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