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  • VetraFuel Pro-Formula – 80 cc Double Dose

    Vetrafuel 80cc double dose paste is a supplemental source of creatine pyruvate for all performance horses. Extra muscle fuel for increased strength and endurance. Track proven for that explosive finish. Six times more effective than creatine monohydrate. Improves your horse’s oxygen utilization while at the same time decreasing muscle fatigue enabling your horse to win more. As a supplemental source of nutrients. Ideal for pre and post-work.

    This new test free, chemically bonded molecular structure, combines creatine and pyruvate in a 60/40 concentration ratio. Creatine pyruvate provides significant physical and physiological advantages over a simple blend of creatine monohydrate and pyruvate salts.

    Directions: Administer 40cc directly from syringe onto back of horse’s tongue the evening before work. The following day, administer the remaining 40cc dose near the actual time of work (30 minutes – 1hour out) for optimal work.

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